This Credential is issued to Sridhar Rao Diagala


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Scrum Day Bangalore 2021

Issued to Sridhar Rao Diagala

Credential Signatory: Scrum Day Program Committee

Date of issue: 21 June, 2021


Scrum day - Bangalore is a forum for and by the Agility explorers and caretakers of Scrum to have a meaningful conversation about the pragmatic way of adopting Scrum in various contexts and business domains. Scrum DNA is rooted in Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS) theory and thrives on relationship patterns among elements. Scrum is a framework which provides a shared space for emerging relationships" to deliver a valuable product to the customers. Scrum Guide is the rule book. To understand its rules better and learn new strategies, the Scrum community should come together and share their experiential knowledge!

Acquired Skills

Earning Criteria

These credentials are issued to only those participants who had attended Scrum Day 2021 Bengaluru. The participants earn 8 PDUs and 8 SEUs.

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