This Credential is issued to Max Furmanov

Managing Director at Accenture

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Certificate of Exemplary Leadership

Issued to Max Furmanov

Credential Signatory: Exemplary Leadership Awards 2021 Chair

Date of issue: 30 July, 2021


Exemplary Leadership Awards 2021 is an honorary credential to recognize the top 1% of exemplary leaders and aspiring leaders across the globe who have helped ordinary people in accomplishing extraordinary outcomes. This credential was awarded for your outstanding conduct as a role model leader in your field of work. This credential also serves as proof of your exemplary leadership qualities.

Earning Criteria

Candidature to this award is only by nomination by a person who believes the awardee led him/her in accomplishing extraordinary outcomes. After the nominations are received our 12 member expert panel of judges will evaluate each nomination and the details provided by the nominator primarily based on the below 3 questions which include "Has the awardee Inspired a Shared Vision?", "Has the awardee challenged the status quo when needed?" and "Has the awardee done enough to inspire his/her followers?". Based on these evaluations and subsequent verifications the candidates are hand-picked to be awarded as Exemplary Leaders.

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